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Apr 11, 2012 I have a craftsman GT lawn tractor. It has a stick on the right side that moves in a mainly straight line and smoothly with no notches like I see on the shift on the go. The sides of the mower say automatic 50 What kind is this? Is there another tier of automatic or is it basically a fully adjustable belt shift?Page 3 Usethispageasa guidetodetermine s lopes where youmaynotoperate safe. . Do not operate your hwn mower on such slopes. WARNING Do not mowon inclines with a slope in excess of 15degrees (a rise of approximately212 feet every 10feet). A riding mower could overturn and cause serious injury. shift on the go racing mower

Mar 19, 2014 The varidrive system is found in most non hydrostatic MTD mowers including Yard Machines, Bolens, lawnflite, TroyBilt, Huskee, and White Outdoor. It comes in 67 speed shiftonthego manual and

Precision Mowing for a Beautiful Lawn With the Craftsman 30 6speed shiftonthego rear engine riding mower, you'll definitely be in the running for a best lawn award. Take on flat or hilly terrain with this mower's singleblade cutting deck and 6 variable speeds. Maneuver around fences, trees and shrubs with an 18 turning radius. Apr 16, 2012 Look for a decent frame, no large cutouts. Transmissions can be the Hpattern peerless 600's, or any of the transaxles with a pulley on top and gear shift. Look for a clutch pedal on the left side, makes it easier. Stay away from hydro's, and variable speed MTD's, or others with the single speed rear end, and variable belt drive.shift on the go racing mower Mar 02, 2010  There is no middle ground. Some people get 10, 15 years out of it. Most people only get two or three. If you are hard on equipment, dont buy this mower, it will not hold up for you. Other than that, the Yard Machines riding lawn mower is the cheapest mower available. There are no frills. It will not mow in reverse.

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Jun 06, 2009 For years Murray used a system called 'Shiftonthego' also called 'Shiftonthefly' in their gear drive, front engine lawn tractors. shift on the go racing mower Keep your lawn looking fine with the precision mowing power of the CRAFTSMAN 30 420cc 6Speed ShiftontheGo riding mower. Whether you're aiming to win the award for the best lawn or just out to mow the grass, this speedy mower comes to your aid with Oct 22, 2011 Re: MTD shift on the go. When you change the speed selector it allows the variable pulley to move back further which in turn also moved the brake pedal to the rear but doesn't have anything to do with the transmission brakes. the further back pulley allows the belt to move into a lower ratio which is then in turn taken up by the tension on