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Interestingly, MyHeritage has a feature that matches facial characteristics with a celebrity face. I uploaded a photo and received below are the closes matches. Which do you think is a closer match Joshua Jackson or Elvis Presley? Do You Look Like A Celebrity? Upload your own photo and find the celebrityThis Site Scans Your Face And Tells You What Celebrity You Look Like Sections Face is highend face recognition software built by the Chinese company Megvii. According to its website, it provides the cuttingedge technology of computer vision and data mining to provide 3 core vision services (Detection, Recognition, and Analysis) for my heritage celebrity face match

Jul 25, 2006 Compare Your Face To Celebrities. July 25, The site is: My Heritage Face Recognition. You will have to register (free) on the site in order to use the application. You upload an image to the application and it will return a series of images of celebrities that you most resemble. The site also has the option to match faces from their

Click on Celebrity Collage at the top of the screen if you want to see more than one celebrity you look like. Then click Create My Collage. Pick the photo to upload again. Upload the photo. It will scan for faces again to find your celebrity match. Enter a title for your collage when the Celebrity Collage Wizard pops up. Then click next. Apr 17, 2006 My Heritage. com Celebrity Lookalikes Join Group. MyHeritage Face Recognition Take 2. by sutefani in orlando. MyHeritage Face Recognition. So, did you like the results of your celebrity match? Patrick Q ages ago 12 replies. how do you post the results on here?my heritage celebrity face match Jan 31, 2010 In my last Celebrity Lookalike Generator Shoot Out there were three contenders in the celebrity look alike arena. What is the best doppelganger finder now? Thom Yorke as a test image. My Heritage Face Recognition is the only tool for finding your celebrity doppelganger for now. I tested a few others and they all failed miserably.

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See your celeb match at CelebsLike. me. USE YOUR OWN PHOTO The photos you provide may be used to improve Bing image processing services. my heritage celebrity face match Here is our Celebrity Lookalike Generator Shootout. For our tests we used Conan the Barbarian. First up is My Heritage Face Recognition. Axl Rose, and the Hoff. I can kinda see it. Next up is celebrity match up by Picitup. Brad pit and a pissed off Leonardo DiCaprio, not too far of a stretch. Im going to have to give the award to celebrity Jan 03, 2009  MyHeritage face recognition celebrity matches anshul upadhyay Realtime Face Capture and Reenactment of About MyHeritage Duration: Just wanted to point out MyHeritage. com's facial recognition and matching software, which has given my girlfriend quite a thrill. It seems that I'm a 51 facial match to Cary Grant she's glowing right now. I'm actually relatively amazed at the ability of the software to identify features and match them up. Jun 26, 2009  MyHeritage face recognition celebrity matches MyHeritage feojin8. Loading Unsubscribe from feojin8? Basic Face Detection and Face Recognition Using OpenCV