Sports car racing las vegas

2019-09-21 13:05

Dream Racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway features the world's largest and fastest selection of exotic supercars and is the only driving experience where you can get behind the wheel of a real Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche GT Race Car.Some of the biggest names in professional sports and entertainment enjoy the rush of driving our supercars at both our Las Vegas and Los Angeles racetracks. Exotics Racing celebrity guests include international athletes, racing car drivers and Hollywood actors who want to have the most exclusive and thrilling driving experience possible. sports car racing las vegas

You don't need to be a professional race car driver to rent a race car for a couple of hours at Exotic Racing Las Vegas! This is a prime company offering exotic car racing Las Vegas tours with a fleet of around 30 models of sports cars, all equipped with paddle shifters so a driver with any skill level could easily change the gears.

Races held at the track Las Vegas List of Races Exotic Car Racing. Bring your exotic car fantasies to life with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche& more. All on the longest and fastest racetrack in Las Vegas. 39LAPsports car racing las vegas Jul 02, 2019 Exotics Racing, the original supercar driving experience is located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 15 min North of the Las Vegas Strip. They give you the opportunity to drive their fleet of 50 exotic cars and 23 race cars on their exclusive racetrack. You'll get real time coaching from pro racing instructors as you push the limits lap after lap.

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