2 different types of strokes in tennis

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Types of Tennis Strokes Serve. You have to serve in every game you play. Forehand. Forehand shots make up a large proportion of a tennis player's return shots. Backhand. Backhand shots involve hitting the ball with your arm swinging across your body. Lobs, Drops and Volleys. The lob can eitherTypes of Strokes: In Table Tennis Table Sports, two types of strokes exist: 1. Offensive Strokes. 2. Defensive Strokes. Offensive Strokes: It is the stroke where 5 conditions occur and these are as following: Speed Drive: This stroke is generally used to keep the ball in play, apply pressure on the opponent and potentially opening up an opportunity for a powerful attack. It is a direct hit propelling it 2 different types of strokes in tennis

In tennis, there are a variety of types of shots which can be categorized in various ways. The grip you place on will help you have different types of shots, the lower your grip means that the ball is most likely going to be a ground stroke. According to William T. Tilden, All tennis strokes, should be made with the body' at right angles to the net, with the shoulders lined up parallel to the line of flight of the ball.

It can also provide you a framework for understanding which strokes and tennis shots you might want to work on. This way when you step out on the court with a friend or tennis instructor you can get the most out of your time. Groundstrokes. The first type of tennis shot, and perhaps most commonly associated with tennis, is the groundstroke. The different stroke types cause similar symptoms because each affects blood flow in your brain. The only way to determine what type of stroke you may be having is to seek medical attention.2 different types of strokes in tennis The basic table tennis strokes. Hit the ball at the top of the bounce (i. e. when the ball it at its highest point) using 50 of your stroke action before hitting the ball and 50 after hitting the ball. Strike the ball on the back bottom portion so that you impart slight backspin.

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The different types of spin in tennis include: top spin, slice (under spin), and flat (no spin). Top spin is a favorite of the professionals. Top spin is primarily used for ground strokes 2 different types of strokes in tennis Jul 02, 2007 The Four Different Types of Tennis Serves There are four different types of serves that can be learned and each can be used to your advantage. Some of these serves may be effective against certain opponents and other may not. How can the answer be improved? The picture above shows you the 4 different areas around your body where youre required to use the 4 different badminton strokes to return the shuttle. Once you learn how to perform these basic strokes, you can then use these strokes to hit all types of shots in badminton; Clear, Drop and Smash. Sep 15, 2014 The Main Types of Tennis Strokes. Next up is the backhand stroke. This takes you hitting the ball as your arm swings across the body. Opponents who want to put you in an uncomfortable position may try to force you to use your backhand. To add control and power when you do this stroke, hold the racquet in BOTH hands.