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No. 9 Albuquerque Isotopes. Location: Isotopes Park. Albuequerque, N. M. Affiliate: Colorado Rockies. League: Pacific League (Triple A) Fun Fact: The team was famously named for the fictitious baseball team in The Simpsons, when Homer accidentally discovers during a hunger strike that the Springfield Isotopes are threatening to move to Albuquerque.Neyer's 10 worst teams of all time. Neyer, Rob, and Eddie Epstein. Baseball Dynasties: The Greatest Teams of All Time. Norton, 2000, 384 p. Excerpt from Chapter 8 ( The Worst Teams of All Time ) of Neyer and Epstein's Baseball Dynasties. On a Clear Day They Could See Seventh Place: Baseball's Worst Teams, by George Robinson. Profiles of several of the teams on this list. bad names for baseball players

Nov 09, 2011 Cal McLish spent seven years in baseball, and while his name wouldn't appear to be anything to give a second thought to, his full name is really a mouthful.

Search the Baseball Encyclopedia of Players by the first letter of the player's last name, or use the search box above. Players listed are among the most looked for. Bold indicates active player and indicates a Hall of Famer. This is a list of nicknames of Major League Baseball teams and players. It includes a complete list of nicknames of players in the Baseball Hall of Fame, a list of nicknames of current players, nicknames of popular players who have played for each major league team, and lists of nicknames grouped into particular categories (e. g. , ethnic nicknames, personality trait nicknames etc. ).bad names for baseball players Jim Jividen, author of The Blog of Revelation has done excellent work in discovering and chronicling bad baseball players. Some of the names on this list also appear on his list of the worst 20

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26 Of The Most Ridiculous Minor League Baseball Logos You'll Ever See. Such an oddly specific name, Ferrous and FeFe, represent the team by wearing# 26, the atomic number for Iron, on bad names for baseball players The 40 Greatest Names In The History Of Major League Baseball. Credit: Pinterest. com Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, Mariano Rivera, Cy Young, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, and the list goes on, and on, and on Those players are legends in the sport of professional baseball and their names have become synonymous with success. Jan 12, 2018  You want to show off how awesome your softball team is. One of the easiest ways to do that is to look up funny and cool softball team names. If you are struggling to think of your own softball team name, then we have a few options that can help you. You can use one [