Ab workouts for basketball players

2019-11-14 14:30

May 05, 2016  Killer Core Exercises for Basketball Part 2. The Drills for Part 2 are: 9) Rotational Plank with Side Thrust 10) Full Kneeling Circles 11) Prone Opposite 12) Single Leg Hop and Slam 13) Quick Step Throw 14) Feet Elevated Slam 15) Iso Split Squat AntiRotation Press. Click here forHow can the answer be improved? ab workouts for basketball players

Exercises for Basketball Abs. With every dribble, jump shot or shuffle of their feet on defense players engage their core muscles. Their bodies move through multiple planes of motion, sometimes in a split second of explosive movement. Building a strong set of abdominal muscles could be the difference between winning and losing, while also looking good in the process.

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