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Oct 31, 2016 Evom1 Member. It's recently been recommended to me by a friend to take my hgh immediately post workout, followed by my post workout carbs and protein 45 mins later. I'd just like others input if this is a good idea. Considering I drink an intra workout carbeaa blend, and then my post workout carbs would be 45mins post hgh injection.Dec 05, 2017  In short, yes, HGH is safe to use if you dont have any underlying health conditions and your dosage is low meaning, less than 1015 IU. HGH is not a toxic substance, its actually naturally produced in the body and is a 191amino acid chain which is a peptide hormone thats 10 iu hgh post workout

Oct 12, 2012 Ok this question isn't really in regards to personal use I have a buddy I work with that believes that post workout hgh injections intromuscular are the best I personally have not heard anything about post workout before What are your views On subject

A dose of 510 IU per day is recommended to prevent injuries. If your goal is to strengthen the ligaments, then you should use 46 IU. Use 5 IU daily in case of agerelated changes. You can try using from 5 to 20 IU per day to achieve fatburning effect. If you want to add muscle mass, then try 1015 IU (for amateurs), or 2530 IU (for professionals). Been taking HGH after training for some time now but it suddenly dawned on me yesterday as to whether it was realy a good idea to do it then? Reason being that after training your muscles are in a depleted state and really you want your insulin levels to be as high as possible immediately proceding the workout so as to create a more anabolic environemnt for the carbs& protein you injest to go10 iu hgh post workout So, the greatest results will take place when effective dosages of both hormones are injected. Usually 1020mcg of IGF1 (post workout) and 48 IU HGH EOD (with breakfast and at 1 p. m. ) is the ideal stack for optimal results and minimal side effects.

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Feb 13, 2011 I would go with the preworkout GH shot. The main reason has to do with carbs. Just before your workout you have not eaten at least for an hour. This way the carbs will not conflict with GH. If a shot is taken postworkout it will conflict with carbs taken as shake or a fast meal at home. 10 iu hgh post workout Jun 12, 2019 Human Growth Hormone. Pharma. tonyo. June zeek1414 June 7, 2019, 8: 55pm# 2. Im not sure there is an exact answer for you. People have used hgh in in doses of 10iu per day. I think a better way to phrase the question would be. Iv always been told to use it pre and post workout or in the morning and post workout. tonyo June 12, 2019