370z drag racing tune

2020-04-02 05:05

We look at the best tuning options and performance parts for the Nissan 370z from fast road cam durations to twin turbo kits and the benefits of an oil cooler on the VF37VHR engines. Tuners tips on Nissan 370z Tuning Nissan 370z Tuning Guide. For drag racing a larger big turbo conversion would be the best option.Feb 26, 2012 Drag Racing Tips. I'm hitting up the local drag strip. It's my first time out there with my 370z. I thought, I'd ask for some tips and tricks from our drag racing veterans. 370z drag racing tune

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Jan 03, 2014  2)get some way to check oil temps, the vq37 is notorious for overheating the oil temps even stock when racing. 3)to tie into the above people have reported major changes between hot and cold response times. 4)try to get the tune get ahold of technosquare and Nissan 370z Tuning Eeeee Zeeee Tiger The 370z is a good car tuning project to play with. Nissan took all the best bits of the 350z, improved the weak spots and produced the stunning 370z. Criticisms of it's earlier brother includes a lack of low down power which has been addressed to a large degree in the 370z.370z drag racing tune Oct 22, 2013 This tune is compatible for 14& 12 mile. Add me BlueRoad.

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370z drag racing tune free

2008 Evo X GSR ETS Intake, Ultimate racing Test pipe, Tomei Catback exhuast, Grimmspeed 3port EBCS, COBB ProTune. 2019 WRX Mishimoto Intake, Downpipe, Axle back exhuast, blow off valve, Stage 2 Cobb Tune. 2019 370z Stock, 7 Speed Automatic 370z drag racing tune Dec 22, 2016 Drag Racing tune car Nissan 370Z(v. 1. 5) Halo semua. Selamat datang di blog sederhana saya. Kali ini saya akan memberikan tune car 370Z. Ini upgrade dan tunenya: LEVEL 2: