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Horse Racing Favourite Statistics 2019. For 2019 I have narrowed down the winning UK horse racing favourites data by month. The shortest priced favourite to lose was the David Pipe trained Queens Cave at Ayr in January. The horse was pulled up at 114 Second favourites in the last year won around 20 of races.Second favourites won 128 races, third 106, fourth 70, fifth 65 and sixth favourites won 31. These are strike rates of 26 per cent, 19 per cent, 16 per cent, 11 per cent, 10 per cent and 5 per cent. Interestingly, favourites had an average dividend of 2. 80 (about 74) but showed a 2nd favourites horse racing statistics

Horse Racing: Betting on Favourites Picture the scene: Youve gone for a day out at the races with your mates and after poring over the form, the going, and draw biases, youve pinpointed a handful of horses at decent prices throughout the card.

FlatStats Horse Racing Q& A. Welcome to the FlatStats Questions and Answers Feature. Find out information about the FlatStats site or horse racing in general. Browse the various categories or use the search box at the top of the page. The percentages for todays meetings of 2nd favourite winners are: Wolverhampton: 17 Plumpton: 18 and Catterick: 19. How those figures equate to prices and race type I dont record as the statistics do relate to favourites only. Favourites at Wolverhampton won 35 of races2nd favourites horse racing statistics Jun 07, 2011  Selections process for this horse racing system is very easy to do: if in your chosen race the favorite has odds of 3 at Betfair then you are allowed to place your stakes on the favorite and the second favorite in the betting. If in this horse racing system you placed say 10 on each one, your total outgoings are 20. If the favorite were to win you would receive back 20 in winnings and your 10

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Here are the average win rates for the wagering publics favorite, on average, at racetracks across the nation: Favorites Win 35 of the time. Favorites Place (run 1st or 2nd) 55 of the time. Favorites Show (run 1st, 2nd or 3rd) 69 of the time. Consider these numbers the next time you place a horse racing 2nd favourites horse racing statistics The final statistics you want to look at are the basic trainer patterns found on the lower left bottom of the Past Performances underneath the racing lines. These trainer patterns are based on the horses current situation in this race and show percentages such as dirt to There are many false favourites because attention is not paid to this vital point, particularly in winter. DISTANCE: Another key factor. A horse may finish brilliantly to win over 1600m but that doesn't mean it can win over 2000m. Make sure that a favourite under consideration is suited to the distance of the race. BARRIER DRAW. Jul 13, 2016 The favorites in these 8 horse races won 35. 4 of the time and ran worse than that 64. 6 of the time. Worse could be anything from 2nd through 8th. The 2nd betting choice ran as expected (2nd) 20. 7 of the time and ran better than expected 21. 6 of the time and ran worse than expected (3rd through 8th) 57. 7 of the time. Second Favourite System and research shows that the second favourite in small fields will do well at certain times of the year. once done then bet on the second favourites in doubles and trebles, and if there are enough races available, accumulators. Next Horse Racing System.