Top ten best philadelphia eagles players of all time

2019-09-17 10:22

Feb 16, 2012  Everybody loves lists. So to cap off the end of the 2012 season and give fans something to argue over, lets take a look at the best players ever to put on a Philadelphia Eagles;Top Ten Philadelphia Eagles Players of All Time. The Top Ten. 1 Reggie White. Reggie was just the man. The best pass rusher in NFL history. It's an honor to wear his jersey for every Eagles game. top ten best philadelphia eagles players of all time

Recently, the NFL Network and NFL Films released their top ten Philadelphia Eagles of all time, and we have a list worthy of being the topic of discussion at any barber shop or water cooler.

Montgomery held the Eagles alltime rushing record for three decades as he was arguably the best player in the Dick Vermeilera teams, and one of the most underrated players in team history. A look at every position and the top players that played them for the Eagles in franchise history. Ranking the Eagles alltime top 10 players by position FILE Philadelphia Eaglestop ten best philadelphia eagles players of all time Oct 25, 2010 Why He's On The List: William Thomas is top ten in Eagles history in tackles and sacks. He is part of the 2020 club with 37 sacks and 27 interceptions in his career.

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