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Prenzie Players 1730 Wilkes Ave, Davenport, Iowa Rated 4. 8 based on 24 Reviews This play will leave you questioning that term well , butDec 16, 2017 Visit the post for more. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment prenzie players lear

Prenzies genderbending works for Lear David Burke, QuadCity Times. Photo Gallery on Flickr Photos on Facebook. One of the Big Five Shakespearean Tragedies, Lear tells the tale of an aging monarch who gives up her throne and splits it among her three children, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. When Cordelia refuses to

It's tempting to call the Prenzie Players Lear the 11yearold company's greatest hits performance. Many of the experiments the company has conducted in presenting classic theater return here It doesn't take long for Cait Bodenbender, in the Prenzie Players' Lear, to prove that directoradapter J. C. Luxton's idea to reverse his characters' genders was a great one. Bodenbender's Queen Lear, in the first act, has her authoritative presence furthered by the alto tones of her booming voice.prenzie players lear The Prenzie Players are making the mother of all changes when their take on King Lear opens next weekend. From the title character on down, all of the male characters in the Shakespeare play

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