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For me, if I grip the racquet too tightly, I tense up and my swing speed drops, I work harder to hit a shot, and my elbow and arm suffers more trauma. I have found that I have to loosen my grip before the shot, and try to relax through the stroke, and keeping a loose wrist seems to be key for me.Apr 24, 2013  If youre looking to hit fast tennis serves then your wrist must be loose in order to allow the racquet head to move really fast. But if you have been hitting serves for a while with a tight wrist (thinking that you need to hit ball hard), then youve developed a bad habit that wont go away just because you read somewhere online that you should serve with a loose wrist. tennis firm or loose grip

Mar 10, 2015  The tennis forehand wrist position used by pro players have changed in modern tennis. In the traditional classic forehand method, the role of the wrist in the forehand was different than how it is being used in todays modern tennis forehand. The tennis forehand wrist position is a largely debated subject by coaches and players worldwide.

the player lose their grip or lose the racket, or the ball sail. In the slow motion videos we see none of that. The hand holds firm throughout the oscillations, the racket face continues on, the ball does not sail. The deduction is there is strength in the hand. THE GRIP IS FIRM. THE WRIST IS LOOSE. Dec 25, 2013  Youve probably heard the idea of being more relaxed while playing tennis and seen players being really comfortable while hitting with power. But how do you play tennis in a more relaxed way? The tricky thing is that just saying to yourself to simply be more relaxed usually doesnt work. Thats why its best to use [tennis firm or loose grip You are so right. Most all club players grip the racquet way too tightly on all shots. I have one more thought on this. Most all of these players are using a racquet that is way too light. If you use a heavy racquet, to me over 12 oz, you can really get a feel for letting the racquet do the work, which is right in line with the loose grip.

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Sep 11, 2008 ive discovered one of the reasons why my forehand can go off today. but it was the culmination of three wks of investigation. i had bought into the myth of holding your forehand grip so you would not crush an egg and paid dearly for it. tennis firm or loose grip Tennis Training: Loose Grip, Firm Wrist. Posted on February 19, 2011 Filed Under 2Handed Backhand ATP Tour Backhand change stroke Choking in Tennis Coach Mauro Doubles Follow Through Footwork Footwork in Tennis Forehand Grip Grips Ground Strokes High Ball improve stroke Mauro Marcos Mauro Marcos Tennis Mental Game muscle memory OneHanded May 28, 2010  Coach Mauro Marcos reveals a PRICELESS tennis tip that will help you hit your shots with power, accuracy and 'feel Tennis Training: Loose Grip, Firm Wrist. coachkyril 1 Comment. May 28, 2010. Coach Mauro Marcos reveals a PRICELESS tennis tip that will help you hit your shots with power, accuracy and feel. Jan 18, 1988  A loose grip as you prepare to hit is especially important on the serve. you should firm up at impact. on Page C of the National edition with the headline: ON YOUR OWN: TENNIS Loose or Firm Grip for Looping? Table Tennis Strokes and Technique. I have done some research, but some say you need a loose grip for looping and a firm one for drivinghitting, while others say that you need a firm grip throughout (apart from sensitive shots). I'm confused!