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This is a list of musicians that are notable for their harmonica playing.Aug 01, 2012  Willie Dixon said, Big Walter is the best harmonica player I ever heard. Give him a listen and see. He is not well known and preferred to be a background member of blues harp players best

Sep 07, 2018 BEST HARMONICA SOLO EVER WITH OLE JO& CO Duration: 7: 58. Terry Miles 1, 479, 223 views

20 rows  Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Blow'n the Blues: Best Feb 25, 2019  Among the bestselling beginner harmonicas available out there in the market, Hohner 1501BX Blues Band Harmonica holds a prominent place. This harmonica comes along with solid brass reed plates. A stainless steel cover plate has also been provided for the harmonica inblues harp players best Those will enable you to play cross harp in the keys of E, G, A, and C. Many classic blues harmonica cuts are recorded in those keys. The next three keys you get should be G, Bflat, and Eflat. G is the lowest standard harp; except for Dennis Gruenling, almost no harp players record on the low F, low Eflat, and low D harps.

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Dec 30, 2015 Luciano Alvim made a good answer, but it's a bit well, most harmonica players (me included) don't get music theory like that. So I'll input something a bit simpler. A. The key of A is the single best key of harmonica, by a slim margin, for pl blues harp players best Jun 22, 2019 Currently, the best harmonica is the Hohner Marine Band 1896. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest harmonicas since 2015. Currently, the best harmonica is the Hohner Marine Band 1896. which only helped to increase the number of players. Most often associated with blues and American folk music, Lurking within what harp players call tone is the absolutely individuated voice, if you're lucky enough to develop one. (Jason Ricci, the youngest player in the Top20, has such a voice. So does Sugar Blue, one of the most strikingly original blues harmonica voices of our time) INFLUENCE. Originally invented in 1821 to play classical music, the harmonicas now a staple in blues, folk rock and some rock bands. Its hard to even picture Bob Dylan or Neil Young without a harmonica slung around their necks. Heres my list of the Top 25 Best Harmonica Rock Songs of Sep 06, 2017 Best Blues Harmonica Selection Methodology. Because a particular model of a blues harmonica comes in several different keys, we decided to take the approach of only rating ones in the Key of C because the ratings are similar across the different key versions of a particular blues harp.