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I found Cindy Whitmarsh's videos on Comcast OnDemand until, sadly, ExerciseTV shut down and you can't access the videos anymore: ( Fortunately I was able to find one of them in iTunes, but I still wanted more. I definitely don't regret buying this DVD, her ab workouts are great! She will push you to keep going and you can really feel the results!Six Pack Abs Cindy Whitmarsh: The Truth About Abdominal Fat Did you know that the vast majority of people in this day and age have excess abdominal fin the fairly first thing that most men and women believe of is that their additional abdominal fat is simply uglyIt is covering up their abs Reducing visibility and makes them self aware about showing off their body However what most folks cindy whitmarsh abs workout

Oct 31, 2016 Cindy Whitmarsh: 6 Pack ab workout 1. Repeater knees. 2. Wood chop. 3. V chop. 4. Sit up and reach. 5. Reverse crunch overs. 6. Single leg reach. 7. V sit and rotate. 8. Side plank rotations.

cardio burn workout with cindy whitmarsh 30 min a little bit boring, but appropriately challenging. strength moves mixed in with the cardio. Another of my favorite workouts and trainers! Cardio Burn Workout wCindy Whitmarsh 10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme w Chris Freytag From Exercise Tv Need a workout that is joint friendly. Cardio Burn Cindy is her usual perky self and is very motivating. I received this dvd to review. lindseylu8. . Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout. I wanted to try one of Cindy Whitmarsh's newest workouts because I have always liked Cindy in workouts, even when I didn't bond with the workoutcindy whitmarsh abs workout Today I did 3x Cindy Whitmarsh workouts. Cardio Burn, Fat Burn and Incredible Abs. (These are all free workouts available on YouTube). My heart rate monitor registers 516 calories burnt while doing these workouts. Combined they run for 73 minutes and my heart rate averages at 143 with a peak at 173. E quipment needed is a set of hand weights. Here is the Cardio Burn Workout

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Cindy whitmarsh abs workout free

May 29, 2019  SAN DIEGO (KUSI) Cindy Whitmarsh gave us a great postholiday weekend barbecue workout! Post barbecue cardio abs workout! (Perform each exercise for an entire minute 23 times) 1. Squat punch cindy whitmarsh abs workout Cindy Whitmarsh. Qualifications: Corporate and Community FitnessNutrition degree from NDSU, certified by ACE in Group Exercise, Life Style and Weight Management, National Association of Sports Nutrition Certified Sports Nutritionist, Bosu and Cycle Reebok Personal History: Growing up I played sports (basketball, volleyball, I founded Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness for those of you that are passionately committed to transforming your mind, body and spirit. My website provides access to my customized nutrition plans, training videos, supplements, products and more. Feb 13, 2014 Cindy Whitmarsh, Incredible Abs 2 (Exercise TV) Cindy Whitmarsh, Incredible Abs 2 (Exercise TV) Slim Down Cardio Burn Workout Videos by ExerciseTV Duration: 31: 35. Redrita12 1, 139, 814 views.