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2019-10-15 05:54

Cette semaine, Paris Match consacre sa Une Nicolas Sarkozy, avec notamment une photo de l'ancien prsident avec son pouse Carla Bruni. Seulement, cette couverture a suscit de nombreusesAs soon as this week's cover of Paris Match magazine featuring Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni was released, the questions began: how was the diminutive former French president seemingly taller photos paris match sarkozy

3 days ago  In the image chosen for the cover, Nicolas Sarkozy was on the higher step than his wife, it added. Paris Match brought unwelcome attention to Sarkozys frame in 2015 with another frontpage shot which appeared to show him taller than his wife as he led her across the sand on a beach in Corsica.

2 days ago As the rumor of manipulation took off, Paris Match felt obliged to publish a statement on its website on Thursday: Nicolas Sarkozy was not retouched to appear higher than Carla Bruni on the cover of this week. was selected, standing on a step higher than his wife. With height. Sarkozy is the lowest president of the V Republic. 3 days ago  Botched or doctored? Nicolas Sarkozy seems taller than his wife Carla Bruni in a new photoshoot. (AFP pic) PARIS: As soon as this weeks cover of Paris Match magazine featuring Nicolas Sarkozyphotos paris match sarkozy Nicolas Sarkozy sur Paris Match! Dcouvrez sa biographie, ses photos, vidos et interviews exclusives

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