Singapore match fixing scandal

2019-10-15 23:28

The Renault Formula One crash controversy, dubbed Crashgate by some in the media, was a sporting scandal caused by the Renault F1 team, which ordered Nelson Piquet Jr. to deliberately crash during the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, to give a sporting advantage to his Renault teammate Fernando Alonso.Mar 05, 2013 Trailing Singapore's 'football matchfixing boss' By Jonah Fisher BBC News repeatedly appears in court papers from the Italian Calcioscommesse matchfixing and betting scandal investigation. singapore match fixing scandal

Sep 19, 2013 Singapore police said earlier this year Mr Tan was assisting them with their inquiries after the country's law enforcement agencies stepped up investigations into matchfixing at soccer games.

Apr 03, 2013 SINGAPORE (AP) A referee and his two assistants were questioned by Singapore corruption officials Wednesday over possible matchfixing ahead of an Asian Football Confederation Cup game. The Singapore, known for its order, was rocked by Interpol findings that an international soccer matchfixing operation was based there. Though soccer scandals are not new in Southeast Asia, many were surprised that the ring was Singaporebased.singapore match fixing scandal Feb 06, 2013  Soccer: Singapore Joins Probe Into MatchFixing Scam. Burkina Faso coach Paul Put, whose own career was blighted by his involvement in a matchfixing scandal

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Singapore 'helping' matchfixing inquiry. Analysts said revelations about the scale of the scandal could damage Singapore's squeakyclean image as one of the world's least corrupt nations. singapore match fixing scandal Mar 18, 2015 Spot fixing is the next wave in match fixing that is just now beginning to rear its ugly head, making some question the decisions made by referees and even the players themselves. In spite of the looming threat of harsh punishment, which can involve jail time and lifetime bans from their sport, these scandals continue to happen. Feb 05, 2013  Soccer is known throughout much of the world as the beautiful game. But the sports ugliest side the scourge of matchfixing will not soon go away. With the 2014 World Cup in Brazil Matchfixing scandal: The Singaporean who sullied the beautiful game Share this on I would have been back in Singapore to serve my time as a guest of the state with my mouth tightly shut. Singapore to revoke citizenship of former footballer suspected of matchfixing Facebook Former SLeague player Gaye Alassanes Singapore citizenship will be revoked over his involvement in a