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Hey, guys. I got something that will prove useful to us, especially those of us that leans towards snipercraft. I have come across the load data for M852 Match, which is used by the US MIlitary for Marksmanship Competition, and briefly for combat use I understand.Oct 05, 2008 I believe no military match ammunition has used true match primers since Frankford Arsenal's closing in the mid 1970's. This was several years before M852 ammo was produced. FA match primers were made by hand in a special room designed to provide as safe an environment as possible for this dangerous process. m852 match cartridge

Jul 14, 2016 A total of 11, 040 rounds with each bullet was manufactured for these tests. As a result of the tests, a new Match cartridge designated the XM852, using the Sierra 168 grain International bullet, was standardized, replacing the M118 cartridge for all competitive purposes.

Oct 02, 2015 M852 Match vs. M118 Match value of cans Ammunition. Lenn Those lots are strictly shooting ammo. No special collector value although the full boxes usually sell for 20 to 25 which, I guess, is more than you'd pay for M80 and such. Jan 30, 2010 You should be able to get a year of manufacture off the box or ammo can. Yes it will shoot thru your savage. enjoy. Here's the spec's I found on it. M852 Match 385 gr (24. 95 g) 2. 83 in (71. 88 mm) IMR 4895 168 gr (10. 89 g) Hollow point 50, 000 psi (3, 515 kgcm& # 178 2, 550 fps (777 mps)m852 match cartridge Mar 05, 2015  You say M852 Match 308 chamber , what does that mean? Do you have any M852 ammo to try in this gun? M118 would be the same dimensions to use as a test. If the gun will not work with M852 or M118 ammo then you have a gun problem. If it works with M852 or M118 then you have an ammo

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Apr 10, 2012 I use to shoot a lot of M852 when I shot for the NG. It's excellent ammo, problem is, I retired and my supply went down the tube. You can make the same ammo using Winchester Brass, 41. 5 grns of 4895, Fed Match primers, and 168 SMKs. It is the same velocity, shoots the same zero on my Heavy Match M1A, at 200, 300, & 600. m852 match cartridge The accuracy improvement over the M118 Match ammo was remarkable, often shooting as much as 50 tighter groups. Because of these results a new load was developed called the M852. The design was simple, put the 168gr Sierra Match King bullet on the same M118 brass and powder. The M852 was adopted in the early 1980s and was for match use only Oct 09, 2015  M852 Match Ammo M14 Forum M852 Match Ammo. This is a discussion on M852 Match Ammo within the Ammunition forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; I have a bunch of M852 Match ammo that was MEMORANDUM FOR COMMANDER, UNITED STATES ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND. SUBJECT: Sniper Use of OpenTip Ammunition. DATE: 12