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Sep 26, 2011 Home Forums Transformers Transformers General Discussion Kiss Players Scans. Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by The Slagged, I found this thread and was wondering if anyone here might know where to find a scan of the complete series. Tripredacus, Sep 26, 2011# 2. Tripredacus KMartian Legend.Transformers: Kiss Players ( Toransufm Kisu Pure) is a manga written and drawn by Yuki Ohshima, and ran for three monthly issues in transformers kiss players scans

The Kiss Players also had a sequel series called Kiss Players Position, where to improve public relations with the Transformers, the Kiss Players become singers and tour the galaxy. No, really. There was also an added comic that was bundled with the collected Kiss Players manga.

Despite being the main Japanese Transformers franchise for 2006, the storyline of Kiss Players, crafted by Yki shima, was not rendered in animation. Instead, it was related through two separate mediastory drama segments on a Japanese radio show, and a monthly manga in Dengeki Daioh Masaki Transformer Kiss Oshima Figure Collection Dengeki Hobby magazine mailorder exclusive. Black deco of Atari from Kiss Play Figure Collection. Does not come with Autorooper or CD. In the Kiss Play story, Atari is possessed by the disembodied Starscream. Revealed in November 2006 issue of Dengeki Hobby magazine, released February 2007.transformers kiss players scans Transformers Kiss Players 15 go, go collection The complete Manga collection for the Japan only Kiss Players series which is infamous in the fanbase for its sexually suggestive content with young girls.

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Jun 11, 2013  What is Kiss Players? Its a 2006 toyline. Its a Japanese radio drama. Its a story that fits between the movie and season 3. Its very pervy. Essentially, its the story of how Transformers power up with kisses from young, young girls. It also involves Optimus Prime coming back to life transformers kiss players scans