Rush racing launch control

2020-04-02 04:17

RUSH RACING DEVELOPMENT ANTILAG LAUNCH CONTROL WARI G This equipment is for use with off road vehicles only and is not designed to be compatible with automobiles equipped with catalytic converters or overly restrictive exhaust systems. Installation and use of this device is at your own risk and Rush Racing DevelopmentMay 27, 2008 1997 Toyota Supra 6speed with Rush Racing Antilag Launch Control. rush racing launch control

Mar 23, 2011 this is my 1jz 300zx testing the rush racing antilag. at 4k it was opening my wastegate at 12psi in seconds! ! this thing is great, i can wait to launch at the track this year.

May 12, 2009  I did some researching on companies that make 2step launch controls and Rush Racing claims that there antilag will work with the 7m. And for only 200 bucks its Mar 21, 2013 In my pursuit of the Toyota Supra stock turbo 6 speed drag racing record, I tried all of the available 2 step& launch control devices available. The Rush Racing Antilag Launch Control made a massive difference in available boost prior to launch. With the other devices, I was able to build 56psi of boost with launch RPM set points as high as 6500.rush racing launch control Mar 15, 2010 Lexus IS Forum 1stGen IS300 Go Faster Is launch control with the f10x possible? How about the Rush racing antilag syste User Tag List: Reply. I will have Ray look into that when my car is getting retuned. I bought the Rush racing cause I couldn't find it on the E6X. 02' AR IS300 Turbo 704rwhp. sold and missed 93. 5 targa, 7675

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