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Oct 21, 2018  Queens, NY (October 21, 2018) A Queens drag racer was killed in a fiery crash that took place this morning, October 21 after he slammed his vehicle into a pole. Police investigated and identified the driver, who had allegedly been drag racing at the time of the accident.Where is street racing at in New York? The fictional address of 704 Hauser Street, Queens, New York City, New York. Read More. share: Where was the New York Stock Exchange located in 1838? street racing queens ny

Re: NY street racers, connecting Highway. Fountain Ave. in Brooklyn is where a lot of the racing took place after the cops got wind of 'connecting highway It got so bad on Sunday afternoons that there was a roach coach and ice cream truck There was also Maurice Ave in Queens 20th Ave, by the Postal Service in Queens

New York City encourages residents to report street races to the authorities. To report street racing in progress, call 911 and to report past or recurring street racing, call 311 or file a complaint at nyc. gov. If you are involved in any sort of vehicle collision, please contact us. Nov 23, 2010  NEW YORK (CBS 2) Screeching and speeding is out of control in one Queens neighborhood and residents are desperate and demanding action. Street racers are keeping homeowners up through all hours of the night and police crackdowns havent worked to curb this racing nightmare, reports CBS 2s Derricke Dennis.street racing queens ny Oct 12, 2015 New York City Still Has A Street Racing Problem: Neighborhood Complains. Washington Heights, New York sits just north of Upper Manhattan and just northwest of Yankee Stadium. It is where famous baseball player Manny Ramirez grew up and it is the home of Amsterdam Avenue, which has apparently become one of the hottest places to street race in all

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Nov 09, 2018 NEW YORK STREET RACING 60'S& 70'S story found. The street races on Crossbay and the near by Connecting Hwy had it all. The real action started in the early 60's when 409's, 389 Pontiacs and 383 Mopars could be dealer bought. We also hung out at Schorrs drive in restaurant in Rockville Ctr. and raced on Sunrise Hwy and the Jones Beach Causeway. street racing queens ny But if it was the summer, he said, gamely sitting with me for an interview about his street racing past at the New York Auto Show back in March, then I was out a bunch of nights and Oct 21, 2018  Engines rev and tires squeal as soupedup cars race through the streets of Sunnyside on Jesus MontenegroPosadas Instagram Story, documenting his last night of racing. In 1967, in Astoria, New York, Charlie Snyder was 20 and living the American dream. He drove a fast 1967 Corvette convertible and was a regular at Connecting Highway and other local streetracing haunts. Looking like a cross between James Dean and The Fonz, he was, according to his friends, the neighborhood babe magnet. Receive the latest local updates in your inbox. One person was killed and nine other people were injured, including 7 children, in a threecar crash in Queens on Tuesday morning, according to the NYPD. A GMC Suburban collided with a Dodge Neon at South Conduit Avenue and 130th Street in South Ozone Park