Flex match empty string

2020-01-21 16:30

Nov 13, 2014 Is there a static property in Action similar to that in the String object in. net to check if a string is empty, that is String. Empty. Thanks actionscript3 flex actionscriptHow can I get a regular expression to only match an empty string? (In a. htaccess file) Ask Question 1. I try to make a regular expression in a. htaccess file, that matches only an empty string. I have tried many things, but it seems like its impossible. For example, I tried match flex match empty string

Nov 19, 2017  I ask this because the mathematical definition of regular expressions permits regular expressions that only match zerolength strings. For example, the simple regular expression only matches the empty string. However, the flex pattern documentation doesn't seem to allow you to specify regular expressions of this form.

ActionScript 3. 0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform Home Show Packages and Classes List Hide Packages and Classes List Packages Classes What's New Index Appendixes These match. At this point, the entire regex has matched the empty string, and the engine reports success. It finds 4 matches in the string abc, one before each of the three letters, and one at the end of the string. Things get tricky when a regex can find zerolength matches at any position as well as certain nonzerolength matches.flex match empty string Dec 30, 2018 The most portable regex would be [ \t\n to match an empty string (note that you would need to replace \t and \n with tab and newline accordingly) and [ \n\t to match a nonwhitespace string. share improve this answer. answered Jun 10 '10 at 8: 34. soulmerge soulmerge.

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