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Ford Racing fuel injectors are all sourced from O. E. suppliers for O. E. quality and reliability. Fuel injectors are one of the key components in your fuel system. Injectors can become clogged over time reducing their capacity.S et of 8 New OEM FORD Racing Bosch 39lb injectors M9593M39. Direct fit for Ford Mustang Cobra SVT with V8 4. 6 dohc 4 valve engines. Set of 8 new Ford racing 39lb Ev6 fuel injectors. FORD RACING MUSTANG GT500 47 LBHR FUEL INJECTORS ford racing 39lb injectors

Legendary Ford Racing Performance. Add performance parts to your Pony made by the people who know it best. Ford Racing's legendary quality and performance ensure these premium quality injectors will deliver the consistent results you need to tune for maximum power. Application. These 39lb High Flow Fuel Injectors are best on Mustangs that are delivering between 350 RWHP and 500 RWHP. Technical Note. These 39lb injectors

Ford Racing 39LB Fuel Injectors (Set of 8) M9593M39. More Views. Quick Overview. All Ford Racing injectors are held to the same original equipment specifications that are used in millions of Ford vehicles currently on the road. With mandatory emissions requirements for 100, 000 miles, Ford Racing injectors have to be durable and consistent. Aug 02, 2016 Ford Racing's legendary quality and performance ensure these premium quality injectors will deliver the consistent results you need to tune for maximum power. High Performance Applications. These Ford Racing High Flow Fuel Injectors have a USCAR electrical connector that flows 47 lbhr and are specifically designed for high performance racing 39lb injectors Oct 04, 2012  For what it's worth, Ford used 58. 4# injectors in the 2013 GT500 and it's supporting 662 rwhp. 2005 CTSV: 2009 CTS4 To view links or images in

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Ford Performance Parts highflow fuel injectors are specifically designed for performance applications. They are offered in a variety of flow rates, with a range of impedances, long or medium lengths, and USCAR or electrical connectors (adapter kits are sold separately). The injectors work best with air meters with revised calibrations and have been specially trimmed for ford racing 39lb injectors 11 rows FORD RACING 39 LBHR FUEL INJECTOR SET. The USCAR connector is sometimes referred to as EV6, which is a Bosch term for the generation of injector. Jetronic is the older style connector, sometimes referred to by the Bosch generation EV1. Neither EV1 or EV6 is technically correct because those generations of Bosch injectors could come Ford Racing Fuel Injector Kit Needing more fuel for your 4. 6L or 5. 0L motor? Add a set of these Ford Racing 39lb injectors to your high horsepower Mustang! This performance kit is a perfect way to upgrade your fuel system when your stock 19lb injectors have maxed out. Get more fuel into your high horsepower motor with Ford Performance Mustang 39lb fuel injectors. Ford Performance 39lb Fuel Injectors EV6Uscar Keep your Mustang running strong by ensuring that there's enough fuel flow to support your boltons with this set of Ford Dec 01, 2017 M9593LU60 and M9593LU80 are the Siemens (Continental) injector that Ford Racing offers. The LU80 is the original equipment used on the FR500CJ Mustang. M9593F302 is the original equipment on the '99'04 SVT Lightning.