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The Babolat VS overgrip is the thinnest overgrip in the world (0. 40 mm), the VS Grip Original does not modify the size of the racquet handle, but instead provides exceptional feel and unmatched performance. Our team found that the VS Original actually aids in preventing pesky calluses and painful blisters that usually occur from long hours of play.

Worn, tacky overgrips or wet, felty grips make it harder to hold onto the handle, which can lead to blisters. Experiment with the different types to see which one works best for you. Wear sweat bands on your wrists if you tend to perspire a lot. Sweat bands can prevent the sweat from running down into your hand. When it gets wet and sweaty it tends to have the consistency of a wet American Flag. However, it does keep blisters awaybut if your looking for a good overgrip for blisters, check out the Babolat Symbio, it has some sort of antibacterial in it to prevent themor just go with the Wilson Pro Overgripbest tennis overgrip for blisters Best Budget Overgrip. This material is not biodegradable and can take as long as 3050 years to decompose if it does at all. Ecogrip has a patent pending and will decompose in a year, making it safe for the environment too. There are many famous tennis players that use Ecogrip and love the

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Overgrips and Gloves. Most major tennis racket manufacturers make a product called overgrip. This is a tape that you wrap around your grip and has a sort of tacky or slightly sticky feel, which helps you get a nice tight grip on your racket, according to the USTA. Some players use gloves to protect themselves from blisters usually golf best tennis overgrip for blisters Treatments for a blister. For a tennis player, blisters are most likely due to continuous rubbing by shoes or other equipment, like the racquet grip. rafael nadal, however, experienced a bizarre injury before the 2011 Us open when he burnt his fingers on a hot plate and needed bandages to protect blisters. Overgrips Tennis Express. Brands we sell include Babolat, Wilson, Dunlop, Gamma, Head, Prince, and more. Grips are great for preventing blisters, minimizing vibration, or thickening a grip to the perfect size for your hand. For help deciding which grip to get, go to our grip guide, and once youve decided, watch how to replace an overgrip. Blisters form when the skin is exposed to prolong irritation through pressure or chafing. For tennis players, the racket handle is a common cause of blisters because they rub on the hands and fingers, which causes chafing. A typical match will involve hundreds of shots, and even a small rotation of the racket in your hand can cause blisters. Mar 11, 2018  Yes, pro players do use Overgrips because the International Circuit exposes the players to various playing conditions so in order to avoid the decrepit tedium of blisters and sore hands they use Overgrips to minimize the chance of injury and consequently increasing the level of