Cold formed steel strap bracing

2019-10-14 01:12

While consideration of bracing is important for any structural element, this is especially true for thin, singly symmetric coldformed steel (CFS) framing members such as wall studs. Without proper consideration of bracing, excessive buckling or even failure could occur.rise commercial coldformed steel applications is diagonal flat strap bracing. When designing this type of force resisting system there are a number of design and serviceability considerations that should be investigated. These include loads, strap size, fastener quantity, connection detailing, and construction practices. INTRODUCTION cold formed steel strap bracing

A Design Guide for Bracing ColdFormed Steel Structures Thomas Sputo1 and Jennifer Turner2 Abstract In response to confusion on the part of practicing structural engineers regarding the proper design of bracing for coldformed steel structures and structural elements, the Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil

Mechanical bracing can be either steel strapping or CRC (ColdRolled Channel) run horizontally through the stud punchouts and attached to each stud web. The maximum spacing for mechanical bracing of steel framing with combined loading is four (4) feet on center. See our lateral bracing details in our CAD Framing Details for more information. For CMST straps: End Length (inches) 12 total fasteners x 78 1 when all holes filled. Double length if only round holes filled. For CMSTC16 straps: End Length (inches) 12 total fasteners x 34 1 when all holes filled. Double length if only round holes filled. For CS straps: End Length (inches)cold formed steel strap bracing ColdFormed Steel flat strapping. Flat strap can be used for bridging or xbraced cross bracing. Comes in 2, 4, 6, 8 inch and other dimensions.

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