Tallest college basketball players ever

2020-02-23 16:44

May 07, 2019 With a basketball hoop towering 10 feet high, it generally makes sense to have tall players on a team. Of course, not all professional NBA basketball players are tall. Those that are, however, have significant advantages to a team. But who is the tallest of the tall? Here are 25 tallest NBA players to ever play the game.How can the answer be improved? tallest college basketball players ever

Dec 23, 2017 Kara Wolters Drinan is the tallest basketball player to ever play for the University of Connecticut and one of the tallest female basketball players to grace the WNBA. Standing 67, Wolters was the 3rd round pick ( 36th overall ) of the Houston Comets at the 1999 WNBA Draft.

Apr 13, 2019  At 76, Yao Ming is one of the tallest NBA players in the world. This retired professional basketball player is also the tallest NBA player to dunk from China. During his early days, he was counted among the tallest basketball player high school around the Mar 31, 2018 At a staggering 7 feet 7 inches (7 foot 9 inches with shoes), Kenny George was the tallest player in the history of college basketball.tallest college basketball players ever 26 rows  Yasutaka Okayama, a 7foot8inch (2. 34 m) Japanese basketball player picked 171st

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