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Mar 25, 2015 is there a way to scale the photo and model or should i just scale down the base model so i have accurate measurements and then scale it back up when i want to match it with the photo again at the end? How to scale image and model in photomatch. SketchUp. carlobrien March 25,Nov 16, 2011  After creating visualisations and plans in Photoshop based on a SketchUp model, we wanted to integrate the two into a textured 3Dmodel. In order to drape a terrain in SketchUp with a 2D illustration, one can follow the steps below: Import image as image. Place and scale the image correctly. Rightclick and explode it. google sketchup photo match scale

In addition to working with 3D models, Google SketchUp supports regular 2D photos in the JPEG, PNG, PSD, BMP and TIF image formats. It provides two ways for using photos in your projects

Google SketchUp; How to Set Up for PhotoMatching in SketchUp; How to Set Up for PhotoMatching in SketchUp. In the Match Photo dialog box (WindowMatch Photo), choose the style that matches your photograph. Roughly set the scale of your photograph by clicking and dragging anywhere on the blue scalevertical axis line to zoom in or May 27, 2014  Photo matching in sketchup isnt meant to be used soley by itself. Its a great starting point, but its nearly impossible to model without rotating around and modelling traditionally. How to Import a Match Photo. To import a match photo simply go to CameraMatch New Photogoogle sketchup photo match scale Oct 23, 2014 you can set the scale of the grid in photo match with the spacing input box. use the blue and orange line to scale the drawing. put your mouse in the middle of one of those lines, click and move your mouse and the grid will grow or shrink

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Photomatching in Google SketchUp allows you to build a model based on a photograph or match your model view to a photograph. If you have a good photograph (or multiple photographs) of the thing you want to model, SketchUps photomatching feature can help you set up things up so that building your model is much [ google sketchup photo match scale Is there any way to import a Google Earth picture to scale? I need to generate a site plan to scale in AutoCAD for a large solar array. In a SketchUp window, geolocate the site and capture a Google Earth image. It comes into SketchUp at scale. Draw a line of known length (the longer the better) parallel to an axis off to the side of the Creating a Sketchup Model Using Match Photo. By Jim Leggitt. I recently needed to create a new drawing from a photograph of an old house adding windows to Scale your entire model with the Tape Measure tool. This size will be used as the basis for a proportional rescale of your model. SketchUp asks whether you want to resize your group or component. all instances of the component are scaled to match. With the component open, you can select a line, and therefore can scale with either the Scaling imported raster images in LayOut. SketchUpdate. By use the Line tool to draw a line whose length corresponds to the scale of the image youre working on. To draw a line, click to start drawing, move your cursor in the direction you want the line to go, type the length you want and hit Enter. Chris joined the SketchUp team in