Greatest professional wrestling match ever

2020-02-27 20:54

Selected as match of the year in 1989 with very stiff competition, the second showdown between Flair and Steamboat is the greatest display of professional wrestling you will ever see.Mar 20, 2015  The Undertaker vs. Mankind Hell In A Cell, King of The Ring 98. The first Hell in a Cell was praised with huge recepetion, often cited as one of the greatest matches of all time. When Undertaker and Mankind had to have a second one, they needed to raise the bar and in order to not disapoint the fans they delivered two of the most notorious, greatest professional wrestling match ever

151 rows NJPW Best of the Super Juniors XXV Day 14: Hiromu Takahashi: Taiji Ishimori 5. 5 Fri, May 4th 2018: NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2018 Day 2: Kazuchika Okada: Hiroshi Tanahashi 5. 25 Sat, Jun 1st 2019: NXT TakeOver XXV: Adam Cole: Johnny Gargano 5 Sun, Jun 9th 2019: NJPW Dominion 6. 9: Will Ospreay: Dragon Lee 5 Sat, May 25th 2019: AEW Double Or Nothing: Cody: Dustin Rhodes

This match is the first to be a 5 star match in almost 10 years it should be at least in the top ten This match made me love professional wrestling again. The crowds incredible love for CM Punk and bitter hatred for John Cena, one of if the best storylines in WWE history, and 33: 42 minutes of amazing wrestling. We havent seen every single match ever. Thats damn near impossible, unless youve somehow been to every single mat contest since George Hackenschmidt won the World Title in 1905. What we have done, however, is watch every single match on the awardwinning WWE Network. From WrestleMania 30 to ECW Hardcore TV# 97,greatest professional wrestling match ever Jul 29, 2015 The following article will take a look back at some of these squaredcirclebrutes as they faceoff against their greatest foes in the land of violentmakebelieve. The feuds that have stood the test of time. These are the top 20 greatest professional wrestling rivalries of all time:

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