Nba 2k sapphire players

2019-10-16 06:55

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Jan 22, 2019  One of the most popular game modes of the NBA 2K franchise is MyTeam, an online multiplayer mode where players can create their team filled with both current and historic players. Introduced in NBA 2K13, MyTeam features different packs wherein certain players can be acquired. Packs usually contain players that fit the theme, and can be purchased by 1 of 2 ingame currencies,

Some of you may remember that uRafiakaMacakaDirk had a series on this sub where he would review players on MyTeam. Due to him not having certain players I agreed to help him review them. Player: Scottie Pippen (Sapphire version) Position: SF. Notable stats: 87 ThreePoint, 99 OnBall Defense, 91 Dunk, 95 Defensive Awareness The best NBA 2K17 MyTeam cards at each tier. what is a deal and which pieces fit best in the 2K scheme. I start Emerald Russ over Sapphire Stephen Curry, because Emerald Russ consistentlynba 2k sapphire players

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