Glossary of terms used in tennis

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This is a list of British words not widely used in the United States. In Canada, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and Australia, some of the British terms listed are used, although another usage is often preferred. . Words with specific British English meanings that have different meanings in American andor additional meanings common to both languages (e. g. pants, cot) are to be found at ListGlossary of Tennis Terms. The way in which a player holds the racket. There are three prominent types of grip: the Eastern (place your palm on the side plane of your handle, parallel to the plane of your strings), the Continental (place your palm on the upper right slant bevel, 45 glossary of terms used in tennis

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Tennis: Glossary and Terms. Serve starts the point by the server hitting the tennis ball into the opponents half of the court Serve and volley a tennis strategy where the player serves and then charges forward to the net for a volley off of the return. Spin rotation of the tennis ball The basic rules of table tennis If you're just starting to play and you need to know the basic rules of table tennis, you'll find them here The official rules of table tennis The official rules of table tennis are known as The Laws of Table Tennis so if you need toglossary of terms used in tennis Glossary of Tennis Terms. Backhand Grip (twohanded) The twohanded backhand grip has long been used for both stability and power of the backhand return shot. There is a difference of opinion regarding the proper hand placement for this grip. Undoubtedly the most popular placement is to hold the racquet in your dominant hand with a Continental grip,

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Glossary of terms used in tennis free

Tennis is packed full of jargon as most sports are but dont let that put you off, once you get into the swing of things its actually quite simple. To assist you weve compiled a list of mustknow terms so that you can embark on your tennis betting journey safe in the knowledge that you have the basics of glossary of terms used in tennis Tennis Terms. Backhand The tennis stroke in which the ball is struck on the opposite side of the body to the racket hand. Ballboys Assistants whose job it is to collect the ball and return it to the serving player. Double Fault When a server faults twice in a row, and a point is lost. Fault During a serve, Glossary of tennis terms ace: Serve where the tennis ball lands inside the service box and is not touched by the receiver; action: Synonym of spin. ad: Used by the chair umpire to announce the score when a player has the advantage, ad court: Left side of the court of each player, so called Table Tennis GLOSSARY. American Grip See Seemiller Grip. Antispin An inverted rubber sheet that is very slick so that spin does not take on it. It usually has a very dead sponge underneath. It is mostly used for defensive shots. Also known as anti. Glossary of Tennis Terms. Tennis Glossary of Terms follows below: Ace A perfect serve in bounds that the opponent cannot return and is not touched by the receiver. Ad court The side of the court on which the second point of each game begins, also called the left court or the backhand court.