Basic rules of doubles table tennis

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The Basic Rules of Table Tennis The aim of the game is simple; hit the ball over the net onto your opponents side. A point is won by you if your opponent is unable to return the ball to your side of the table (e. g. they miss the ball, they hit the ball but it misses your side of the table, or the ball hits the net), or if they hit the ball before it bounces on their side of the table.This means that to abide by the table tennis doubles rules, you must follow the correct sequence throughout each game. For example, after player A has played his two serves to player X, player X will then play his two serves to player B. Player B will then play his two serves to Player Y and then player Y will play his two serves to Player A. basic rules of doubles table tennis

Sep 26, 2012  Table Tennis Rules and Regulations Service Rules. The service must start with the ball in an open palm. Doubles Rules. The service must go diagonally, from the servers righthand side to General match play. You have two serves before it is your opponents turn to serve twice. A let is called

How is a doubles game played in table tennis? 1. When serving, remember that your partner, not you, will be making the third stroke. 2. Give hand signals to your partner on the serve youre about to make, 3. Make your serve, step to the right side of the table and let your partner move to the Basic Rules of Table Tennis. In doubles, the ball must touch successively the right half court of server and receiver. Once the ball has been served, both players are to make returns until a point is scored. In doubles, each player on the same team must take turns tobasic rules of doubles table tennis Beginner Tennis Doubles Rules The Court. Aside from the obvious fact that doubles tennis is played by a twoperson team, Serving and Receiving. The singles sidelines also form the outside lines of the service courts. Rallies. During a rally, either player may handle any shot. Court

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Table Tennis is an Olympic sport since 1988. The official of Table Tennis Rules are specified in the ITTF handbook which is revised annually and changes (if any) are generally implemented from 1st January. However, as a beginner, you need to know just some basic rules before starting to play the game. So let us get into some basic Table Tennis basic rules of doubles table tennis How can the answer be improved? Alternative Doubles Competition. Mixed Doubles The term 'Mixed' is referring to gender. The rules and guidelines remain in tact as stated, but there is a condition. One male and one female are the conditional members on each team. Canadian Doubles This alternative of doubles requires three players. This is twoonone competition.