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Mar 25, 2011  Austin and Rock lived up to the many layers of pressure of the WrestleMania main event with a fantastic match where two of the most popular WWE Stars of all timeJan 12, 2014 Cary Kolat (Lock Haven) vs. Mark Ironside (Iowa). One of the best college matches. . Cary Kolat (Lock Haven) vs. Mark Ironside (Iowa). The most amazing college wrestling match of all time Max L best wrestling matches of all time youtube

Feb 23, 2016  Bob Backlund is featured several times on this list, and many people of todays era dont realize what a great wrestler he was back in the day. He was part of some of the greatest matches of all time when he was in his prime. He could go for an hour and still have plenty left in the tank. When he lost the WWF title, wrestling started to change.

Top Rated Matches of All Time All below match ratings come from Dave Meltzer of the highly respected Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Please note that this list only reflects matches entered into the database already and is therefore not necessarily a complete list. May 02, 2016 Adam takes you through his top 10 WWE matches of all time To preorder our brand new magazine, head to:best wrestling matches of all time youtube This match has arguably the best storytelling in a wrestling match, yet not only is it not in the top 55 purely wwe matches, but one of the worst wrestlemania main events of all time

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Apr 20, 2018 the top 5 womens matches in the wwe of all time. heres the link for full top 10 list: songs are believer and light it up. best wrestling matches of all time youtube Michael Hicks looks at some of the best nonWWE wrestling matches. The fulllength match is available on YouTube. The match is something every wrestling fan should see. The matches are listed at random and not ranked. The intention here isnt to inspire debate regarding where a match should be placed on the list, but simply to provide Mar 22, 2018  10 Matches WWE Could HONESTLY Call The Greatest Ever 10 Obscure Wrestling Secrets That Took Years To Discover Duration: 30 Greatest WrestleMania Moments: Jun 21, 2011  1996 NWCA All Star Classic 134 lb weight class. Mark Ironside of University of Iowa vs. Cary Kolat of Lock Haven. Kolat 110, Ironside 210. Kolat pinned all 11 So many of the greatest matches are two toptier performers going toetotoe in the ring thats what wrestlings built on. But some of the best moments in pro wrestling history involve a third party, and theres no match that balanced three separate sets of motivations better than this one.