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2019-11-11 20:08

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz suffered a ruptured patellar tendon in 2014. Last season, he was sidelined by a calf injury, but Bell noted that the issues could have been connected.Background: Although knee injuries are common among professional football players, ruptures of the patellar tendon are relatively rare. Predisposing factors, mechanisms of injury, treatment guidelines, and recovery expectations are not well established in highlevel athletes. Hypothesis: Professional football players with isolated rupture of the patellar tendon treated with timely surgical patellar tendon tear nfl players

Are any athletes specifically at risk for a patellar tendon rupture? A patellar tendon rupture tends to occur in people age 40 and younger. After the approximate age of 40 years, the quadriceps tendon becomes the more common tear in the extensor mechanism.

Return to sports. In their study, 100 of the injured players were resigned by NFL teams, and they participated in training camps after recovery. Only 19 of the 24 players returned to play in the regular season. Using that criterion, roughly 80 of elite athletes returned to the same or higher level of play after patellar tendon rupture. Dec 15, 2011 A study on the recovery of NFL players who suffered patellar tendon ruptures concluded that the injury occurs most often with eccentric overload of the extensor mechanism. It also noted that anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears occasionally accompany patellar tendon ruptures in the NFL, and that players without complications from otherpatellar tendon tear nfl players Sep 06, 2016 Study: Patellar tendon injuries most difficult for NFL players to return from. The wideranging study looked at injuries to the knee and other areas of the lower body. In an interesting turn, researchers found that players who suffered ruptures of the patellar tendon had the lowest returntoplay (RTP) rates at just 50 percent.

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Oct 07, 2016 The patellar tendon anchors the thigh's quadriceps muscle to the shin, allowing the knee to flex and extend. Because it's so integral to running and cutting, it's not usual for strength and explosiveness to return at a reduced level. The injury has claimed the careers patellar tendon tear nfl players Patellar Tendon Ruptures in National Football League Players. In 19 of the 24 injuries, the player returned to participate in at least 1 game in the NFL. Players who returned were drafted, on average, in the fourth round, while those who failed to return to play were drafted, on average, in the sixth round. Sep 06, 2016 NFL players' careers most affected by surgery to patellar tendon, Achilles tendon and ACL. Athletes who had surgery to repair the patellar tendon, the tendon connecting the knee bone to the shin, fared the worst with respect to the RTP rate, career length after surgery, games played and performance at one year, two years and three years after surgery. Sep 06, 2016 Players had a RTP rate of only 50 percent after patellar tendon repair, which was significantly lower compared to all other procedures analyzed. After ACLR, players experience significant declines in statistical performance even three seasons after their injury. Oct 24, 2016 Texans' Derek Newton tears both patellar tendons. Derek Newton went down in the first quarter of the Texans ' 279 loss to the Broncos, writhing in pain. Trainers tended to the big offensive lineman, placing both legs in air casts before carting him off the field. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport and NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported Newton tore both patellar tendons.