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2020-01-27 14:40

Zangief: Here's your proof, kids! (Zangief lifts and breaks the log) Zangief: So, is that the move you kids were talking about? Kid 1: Didja see that? I told ya the Red Cyclone is the greatest! Your pitiful sideshow hocuspocus was no match for my glorious muscles! I respect your reason for fighting! I hope your dojo can beZangief KID, Vogue Merry. 1, 574 likes. Athlete. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. zangief kid match

Jun 01, 2019 Zangief makes Russia proud! Street Troller Street Fighter Parody. Dentedallow. LIttle Zangief (zangief kid) Street Fighter version. Ismael G. 5: 14. Street Fighter 4: Zangief vs ChunLi. Dji. Super Street Fighter 4 match 2 Zangief Vs Akuma. DrDrillVGA. 2: 58. SF4 Street Fighter IV John Choi (RYU) vs. Vangief (Zangief) Terrence Brady.

kid muscle finished zangief yelled in pain as kid muscle got off then landed on his feet kid muscle smiled as zangief gout up bleeding from his back i am not down yet said zangief kid muscle smiled zangief charged at kid muscle and grabbed him now it's my turn said zangief as he threw up in the air into the sky i win said zangief just Reset your password. Enter your username or email address and we'll email instructions for changing your password. We've emailed you instructions for changing your password tozangief kid match King vs Zangief (60 minutes Ironman match) superhitman Follow. Forum Posts: 127; hmm this is an interesting match I say King. . Zangief is probably stronger. . but King is faster and has better

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Jul 24, 2015  Zangief Kid (a. k. a Casey the Punisher) refers to a video clip showing a 12yearold student Ritchard Gale harassing the taller 15yearold Casey Heynes. After being punched and harassed for several moments, Heynes retaliates by grabbing Ritchard and power slamming him into the ground. Casey has been nicknamed Zangief Kid by many Internet users referring to the prowrestler zangief kid match Mar 15, 2011 Had Zangief gotten pulled into a punching match the little kid's friends would have joined in and he probably would have lost. Zangief did the proper thing and stopped it before it started. Still, he was in the wrong he could have walked away or called for help. Jan 05, 2018 Super Street Fighter 4 match 2 Zangief Vs Akuma. DrDrillVGA. 3: 04. SSF4AE Eienhikaru (ChunLi) vs Boshadro (Zangief) Player Match. Maurice Gross. LIttle Zangief (zangief kid) Street Fighter version. Ismael G. 1: 59. Ultra Street Fighter IV battle: Zangief vs Zangief. Ultra Street Fighter IV. Trending Giannis Antetokounmpo. Zangief's Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition tier match ups. Best Match. Balrog 5. 8 Worst Match. Menat 3. 6 Tot. votes Total number of votes this matchup has received.