Diddy kong racing laugh

2019-12-13 21:21

I remember one effect that was frequently used. It was the sound of a giggling child (or possibly two children), aged about 8 or 9. I remember it because it cropped up in a video game I used to play called Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64. After that, I noticed it appearing in lots of TV shows, adverts and a few Hollywood films.Feb 05, 2007 All Donkey Kong Forums Neoseeker Forums Nintendo 64 Sports, Racing and Sims Diddy Kong Racing Creepy Wizpig Laugh(CHEAT CODE) Creepy Wizpig Laugh(CHEAT CODE) diddy kong racing laugh

Jul 03, 2017  Your Guide to the Diddy Laugh, a Sound Effect Thats Been Driving People Crazy for Decades. along with his brother Tim Stamper, wanted to convey that Diddy Kong Racing was a

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