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2020-02-18 20:13

Dragon boating in Dubai is an increasingly popular water sport and it is fantastic for team building in Dubai. To be successful at dragon boating, a team of 820 people, one drummer and a steer work together to row across the finish line. The rowers require strength, speed and unison to beat their opponents in the race. Dragon boating in DubaiDragon boat racing develops core strength, endurance, coordination and team spirit. Members train for and compete in races held in the UAE including Dubai. The team usually also completes internationally once a year. Dragon boat racing is a fantastic outdoor and team watersport. dragon boat racing dubai

There's something about the Dubai community that make it such an active one and the Dubai Diggers, a team that's always taking part in water sport competitions TRULY made a statement at the Stanley Dragon Boat Championships. The monumental dragon boat race is a prominent one in Hong Kong, which took place over the recent Eid holiday.

Dragon Boat Festival comes to Dubai Canal. As many as 70 teams will paddle for glory at the annual waterracing extravaganza that takes place at the newly opened waterway over the weekend Dragon Boat Teams; Media Gallery; Event Calendar; Contact Us; Join Us; WELCOME TO UAE DRAGON BOAT. PHOTO GALLERY. EVENT CALENDAR Abu Dhabi Opening Season Dragon Boat Race 18& 19 Oct, 2019. Home What is Dragon Boating Join Us Photos Gallery Sponsors Upcoming Festivals& Eventsdragon boat racing dubai Dubai Dolphins Dragon Boat Team. Dolphins DXB was registered on May 10, 2016 and held its first training on May 13, 2016. Dolphins DXB core team were composed of key members from notable dragon boat teams across the country who carry their own experience and expertise, which they applied to the development of a team that promotes transparency and dedication towards fitness.

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Oct 23, 2015 Time Out Dubai joins The Drakainas Dragon Boat racing team in Dubai for a tough morning session. Get the lowdown on this fun watersport. Sport& Wellbeing, Sport, Fitness, Adventure If you work in an office, the long hours spent in front of a computer can take their toll. And living in the centre of a city as big as Dubai can make it feel dragon boat racing dubai Dragon boat with Dubai Flying Dragons, dragon boat team! Keep fit, stay active and take part in the ultimate team sport!