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2020-02-19 08:05

for each shp in whateverslide. shapes this line gives me a type mismatch but the watcher says shp is type shape and whateverslide. shapes is type objectshapeJan 12, 2015  For VBA check Visual Basic for Applications Reference to Collection's Add method. dee Jan 13 '15 at 13: 41 Good to know key is string datatype. It is not logical to define a key as string datatype, as keys are used with the purpose of sorting and filtering. vba collection type mismatch

May 20, 2005 I call a VBA function in a Word template from a VB6 application, passing a Collection as an argument to the function. This works well in most cases, except

Actually, you cannot make any kind of calculation with nonnumeric data types. For example, you cannot add, subtract, divide or multiply a string data value in relation to a numeric type Oct 20, 2015 This is because the content of the textbox cannot be converted to a number. SO first test: If Then'Your code. End Ifvba collection type mismatch Jun 08, 2017  ByRef argument type mismatch. ; 2 minutes to read 1; If you don't specify a type for a variable, the variable receives the default type, Variant. This isn't always obvious. Please see Office VBA support and feedback for guidance about

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Dec 06, 2012  Excel VBA: Type mismatch when passing array. It's a bit longer, but being type safe will make your code run faster and make it much easier to read. It also prevents errors vba collection type mismatch Jan 19, 2014 This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Nov 11, 2008 Collection of objects using Excel VBA Collection provides a convenient way to refer to a group of objects and collections as a single object. The objects and collections in the collection don't have to be of the same data type. Jan 09, 2019 Re: VBA Dim 'Controls' collection type mismatch. Controls is not a Collection object but a class object called Controls, that exposes what is probably a collection. As Norie has suggested you need to declare the object, to reference the controls, as a Controls object rather than a collection. Dec 17, 2014 I am working on a sheet to put together all of the names for a given number of fantasy football players. I am using ranges to define the players, whic