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2020-02-23 16:11

Dec 14, 2017  This week and next, Ill share two common communication styles that I often see among my corporate clients. These communication styles dont work well. If one of these sounds like your style, I have a new approach for you so that you can communicate more effectively and get better results without unnecessary frustration. The [How can the answer be improved? communication is like tennis

Jan 31, 2017  Communication Is Like A Tennis Game. Communication is often like a tennis game where the ball is the dialog back and forth. In other words, you served a nice tennis ball into her side of the court that she could have hit easily hit back to continue the conversational volley but instead shes not returning it. Game ended.

Jul 19, 2016  As a radio host, Celeste Headlee has engaged in her fair share of discussions, and shes thought a lot about how to bring out the best in a conversational counterpart. One thing she likes to say: A good conversation is like a game of catch. Huh? She explains. When you play catch, you have to do an equal number of catches and throws, right? Nov 23, 2014 Like charades, interpersonal communication is a mutual ongoing process of sending, receiving, and adapting verbal and nonverbal messages with another person to create and alter the images in both of our minds.communication is like tennis Apr 16, 2015  How to Communicate in Doubles Tennis Quick Tips Podcast 81. April 16, And what can you do to improve your communication with your doubles partner without coming off as too chatty or bossy? Here's my list of things you should be communicating about with your partner in every doubles match you play: I know you'll like my very first

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Jan 05, 2015  And, once your focus changes to this, like my tennis, your communications will improve almost immediately. You now know what good looks like. So you aim for it. And you will often achieve it. If I'm being brutally honest, even though I'm focusing on the right things now, Federer could probably still beat me. Probably. But thats fine. communication is like tennis Why communication is like tennis; and how to excel at both. Tags: Presentations And, once your focus changes to this, like my tennis, your communications will improve almost immediately. You now know what Good looks like. So you aim for it. So will often achieve it. Sep 08, 2016  Communication is like a puzzle because there are a variety of elements or pieces that must be present to create a clear message or picture. U can choose either answer they both right! ! Playing the Game: Tennis as Metaphor by Nicole Schapiro Published in The Bay Area Business Woman. When Anna Marks, publisher of Bay Area Business Woman, asked me to write an article about how I used sports as a tool in my consulting business and personal life I noted that from my early years on, sports have always played a part as motivator in my life. The tennis game approach is a flexible process that you can adapt to almost any situation. To keep your relationship in balance, especially if its new, neither you nor your partner should do all the calling, all the planning, all the talking, all the giving, and all the chasing. You cant play tennis if