Bracing for impact meaning

2019-11-19 22:38

What does Brace yourself really mean? American, Brazilian, etc. , well, brace yourself, anyway, for the impact of the ChinaFirsters on whatever corner of the globe you inhabit. Brace yourself can also be read as steel yourself (although steel yourself is not as idiomatic anCould you please tell me what the meaning of together we brace a hundred times for impact is? The full text is here: Its three in the morning, and we are making our way from southern to northern Utah, when the weather changes from the dry chill of the desert to the freezing gales of an alpine winter. bracing for impact meaning

Passengers in car accidents, who might have less time to act before a crash, reflexively brace for impact too. One study found that at least half the victims in headon collisions press their heads and torsos back against their seats, locking their arms against the steering wheel or dashboard.

brace for impact definition, brace for impact meaning English dictionary. Search also in: Web News Encyclopedia Images. n. 1 (In full) hand brace a hand tool for drilling holes, with a socket to hold the drill at one end and a cranked handle by which the tool can be turned. See also brace and bit. Dec 15, 2011  Given the relative safety of air flights, what we havent heard in some time is Brace for impact. The brace position is described as: Placing your feet flat on the floor. Tuck your arms and elbows close to your sides. Bend forward, over your thighs, as tightly as possible.bracing for impact meaning Mar 14, 2013 What does bracing for impact mean? This guy who likes me (doesn't know I know he likes me) told my friend he doesn't want to confess in a way where he seems like he's bracing for impact o. O what does that even mean? ! Follow. 4 answers 4. Report Abuse.

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