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2019-10-20 21:07

J. P. S. Lofts: Quality racing pigeons for sale. Welcome to J. P. S. Lofts, the home of quality racing pigeons. At J. P. S. Lofts, youll find the very best blood lines and the highest quality pigeons for sale.A stunning result last week in one of the biggest races in Czech Republic by PIPAagent Lubomir Kubacek. He basketed 79 pigeons on this 348 km long race and won 56 prizes against 25. 235 birds starting with 1& 2! pipa racing pigeons

Jun 14, 2013 All these pigeons for sale! In our loft there are high genealogy pigeons with pedigree from Belgium (Janssen, Cattrysse, Bostijn, Sion, De SmetMatthysse, Va

Mar 18, 2019  The pigeon, named Armando, is considered to be the best longdistance racing pigeon of all time according to PIPA, the website that organized Join sport of pigeon racing American Racing Pigeon Union. Homing pigeons are so much fun. Build your own lofts. ARPU has over 100 years of experiencepipa racing pigeons Racing Pigeons for Sale Quality Racing Pigeons For Sale at Great Prices Sale Price Racing Pigeons For Sale Pigeon Supplies For Sale Racing Pigeons PigeonUSA specializes in the sale of Quality Racing Pigeons Meulemans, Ludo Claessens, DijkstraKlaas, Janssens and other top performance pigeons.

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PigeonAuctions. com The Online Trading Site for Pigeons. Join the Racing Pigeon Auction. Register (to bid or sell) Sell Your Birds. Click Here to visit American Pigeon Museum& Library. Upcoming Lots. Auction Rules. Reset Password. Edit User Account. Operated by Goodpasture Enterprises, LLC. pipa racing pigeons Nov 16, 2010 PIPA provides pigeon fanciers with up to date, correct en fast world wide pigeon news, and brings together the world wide community of pigeon racers PIPA Brockamp Auction Primus Barcelona