Vba application.vlookup type mismatch error

2019-12-08 19:11

Dec 06, 2011 Hi Dave. Thanks for your reply. But i have tried this also: ( in vain. . Do you want to look at the entire code. . It may help you to find the issue. .Re: VBA error: type mismatch Might be an idea to test a few dates out either in the worksheet with a regular MATCH formula or in the Immediate Window of the VBE with Application. Match and check that they do produce correct results. vba application.vlookup type mismatch error

Oct 30, 2016 I am having a terrible issue with VBA and VLOOKUP. I am using VBA to copy 4 xls datas into one (with multiply sheets) then I will ran the VLOOKUP to get comments from a 5th xls. I search for part numbers and in the range I will return the last week comment only.

Dec 23, 2010 hi, will you please tell me that how to use Vlookup formula in vba. i am using this way but its showing error: type mismatch ans Actually, you cannot make any kind of calculation with nonnumeric data types. For example, you cannot add, subtract, divide or multiply a string data value in relation to a numeric typevba application.vlookup type mismatch error VBA Type Mismatch Example# 4. Exceptional Cases. There are situations where excel forgives the wrong data assigned to the variable data type. For an example look at the below code. Code: Sub Dim x As Long Dim y As Long x 58. 85 y 85 MsgBox x

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Jan 13, 2019 Dim emailadress As Variant Dim clientname As String Dim lookupmail As Range Dim c As Range Set lookupmail For Each c In If c. Value 500 Then clientname Range( A & (c. Row)). Value emailadress lookupmail, 4, False) End If Next vba application.vlookup type mismatch error When you write code in Excel you need to use an external library to access the Powerpoint code. You can access using early or late binding. . Early binding means you add the library(e. g. Microsoft Powerpoint 16. 0 Object Library) from tools reference. Aug 07, 2015 Hi, This problem would ocur if the cell content in red was not a number as you are trying to subtract 'a' an integer from it. Other than that I can't see a problem. Sep 05, 2018 Not DIM'ing CurrentRow makes it a Variant by default, but even setting both of them as Integer or CurrentRow as Byte does not throw an error, so using Double as the return type is redundant. Sub Match() Dim CurrentShipment As Integer Dim CurrentRow As Byte ' NOTE CurrentShipment 7 CurrentRow Range( A1 Feb 21, 2018 However, thinking that's a problem with a recursive function, I also ran the function from another VBA function that could be run entirely in VBA. I tried it with and without the k value being ByRef, but to work it really needs to be ByRef.