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Mar 09, 2015  Richard Gasquet, owner of another beautiful backhand stroke, also uses the Western grip. Tennis Backhand Grips for the Two Handed Backhand Stroke. Twohanded (several combinations for left and right hand grips)The most common tennis backhand grip is an Eastern forehand position for the left hand.May 19, 2018 Backhand grips for the twohanded backhand stroke: The Eastern backhand grip is the best forehand position for the left hand. More and more people now use the Western grip, so their left hands usually adopt a SemiWestern forehand grip. The right hand, however, usually uses a Continental grip, or an Eastern backhand or forehand grip, too. tennis backhand grip one hand

Jun 01, 2016 b) Eastern OneHanded Backhand Grip. The method for finding the Eastern grip for your onehanded backhand is very similar. Hold the racquet again by the throat with your nondominant hand, but this time the racquet needs to be oriented the other way, meaning that the head is on the left side and the handle on your right side.

Mar 09, 2015 In a one handed backhand in tennis, the grips used by pro players are the Eastern backhand and modified Eastern backhand grip. The Full Eastern backhand is well suited when a player wants to hit topspin on the tennis one handed backhand. The modified Eastern backhand grip is easier to use for most of the tennis players. While the pistol grip is more common among players for the forehand and serve, most professionals who use the onehanded backhand use the hammer grip. The Hammer Grip. The hammer grip is held with your fingers closer together and the index finger could be further depending on your backhand grip one hand my own, ignorant opinion: the onehanded backhand grip starts with the index finger's knuckle resting on bevel 8, the socalled eastern backhand grip. this allows the hand to get behind the ball for maximum power and topspin. morever (and what so many coaches fail to mention, the remainder of the racquet below the knuckle ends with bevel 8 of

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May 24, 2019 Closeup photos of the Full Eastern, Modified Eastern, Continental, and Western onehanded backhand grips for tennis, with comments. Menu. Home. Photo Tour of the OneHanded Backhand Grips. Search. Search the site GO. Sports& Athletics. Tennis Playing& Coaching Gear Baseball Basketball Bicycling Billiards Bodybuilding Bowling tennis backhand grip one hand