6 minute walk test age matched norms

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Jan 01, 2011  We measured 6MWD, height, weight, spirometry, heart rate (HR), maximum HR (HRmax) during the 6min walk testthe predicted maximum HR (HRmax pred), Borg dyspnoea score and oxygen saturation. The meansd 6MWD was m (range m).Jul 23, 2004 The 6 minutes walk test (6MWT) is a useful assessment instrument for the exercise capacity of elderly persons. The impact of the health status on the 6MWTdistance in elderly, however, remains unclear, reducing its value in clinical settings. 6 minute walk test age matched norms

Rationale: We have previously reported that the sixminutewalk test (6MWT) is a reliable and valid functional test for assessing exercise tolerance and endurance. There is a lack of pediatric standard reference for the 6MWT. Objectives: To construct heightspecific standards for the 6MWT for children aged 7 to 16 years. . Methods: The anthropometric data, spirometric lung function, and six

Apr 26, 2013 The American Thoracic Society guidelines for the SixMinute Walk Test recommend use of a 30 meter or 100 foot walkway with the length of the corridor marked every 3 meters. Turnaround points are to be marked by a cone (ATS, 2002). Jun 01, 2008 Abstract. Objective: The 6minute walk test (6MWT) is an established measure of exercise capacity in adults and children with chronic cardiac or respiratory disease. Despite its widespread use, there are no normal values for healthy children under 12 years of age. We aimed to provide normal values for children between 4 and 11 years.6 minute walk test age matched norms Jul 23, 2004 Impact of Age on 6Minute Walk Distance in Community Dwelling Elderly. Male Participants N 53. Female Participants N 102. Bars represent mean values SE. Significant decrease of 6 Minutes Walk (6 MWT) Distance with increasing age

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Functional Test Normative Data 6 minute walk test Purpose: Assesses distance walked over 6 minutes as a submaximal test of aerobic capacityendurance Age matched Norms: 60 69 yrs: M 572 m (1876. 64 ft), F 538 m (1765. 1ft) 7079 yrs: M 527m (1729 ft), F471 m (1542. 28 ft) 9089 yrs: M 417 m (1368. 11 ft), F 392 m (1286. 1 ft) 6 minute walk test age matched norms Sep 14, 2013 The 6minute walk distance has been noted to depend on the age, gender, height and weight of the individual. There are, however, relatively few studies to choose from when it comes to selecting normal values for the 6MWD and each of these studies differs not only in the degree of importance it assigns to these variables but in the predicted 6MWD. 6 Minute Walk Distance. Do not use if unstable angina or MI less than 1 month prior. Relative contraindications: resting HR over 120, systolic BP over 180, or diastolic BP over 100. Stop if any of the following occur: chest pain Aug 05, 2013 6 minute walk test. Questionnaire and 6MWT took place at the same day. In brief, exact age and sex were noted. Body weight and height were measured and the body mass index (BMI, in kgm2) was calculated by dividing the weight (in kg) by the square of the body height in meters (m).