Ht or fs for xc racing

2020-02-26 18:50

Jun 29, 2016 HT gets you a heck of a lot more componentwise than FS. Only you can decide however whether you'll be better off on the HT or the FS. XC at the higher levels is still predominantly HT, but that is changing, and fast. Courses are getting much more technical and you're starting to see a lot more FS bikes come out due to this.Anyone have experience racing a 29er andor 27. 5, in XC? submitted 4 I've had people give me the impression that 27. 5 is a terrible choice for XC racing, but I want to have fun on the side as well. the Anthem will probably get replaced with a longer travel trail bike and I'll upgrade to a FS 29er if I can find one I feel comfortable on ht or fs for xc racing

Dec 20, 2018 6 of the best cross country bikes for 2019 there is nothing like a shorttravel crosscountry (XC) mountain bike. This is a crosscountry bike made for offtheracetrack shredding, an

Aug 05, 2015 What's the best MTB for XC racing? BikeRadar's resident race whippet Joe Norledge carried out his own 100 unscientific test. Full Sus Vs. Hardtail What's Fastest For XC? BikeRadar. Loading Dec 10, 2010 I'm wanting to buy a really good XC Race Bike and I keep getting different stories on what the best set up is. I know I want to be as light as possible, but don't know if 29 HT, 29 FS or 26ht or fs for xc racing Apr 08, 2018  In a cross country race, the smallest margins can mean the difference between winning and losing. If something as simple as riding a hardtail over

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