Drayson racing b12 69/ev

2019-11-13 14:20

2012 LolaDrayson B1269EV Lola Group and Drayson Racing Technologies today unveiled the muchanticipated electricpowered Le Mans prototype racing car, the LolaDrayson B1269EV, at the 2012 Low Carbon Racing Conference in Birmingham. The LolaDrayson B1269EV will also take centre stage on Stand 6240, in Hall 6, at Autosport International 2012, from Thursday 12th to Sunday, 15thDrayson Racing Technologies and the Lola Cars group have just revealed what is intended to be the fastest electricpowered racing car in the world the LolaDrayson B1269EV. drayson racing b12 69/ev

Jun 27, 2013 Lola B1269 EV sets new electric speed record at 204. 2mph. Drayson Racing built the Lola EV to demonstrate what electric car technology is capable of, and the company sees it as a starting point for implementing the technology into future race cars, as well as in production vehicles. Nissan even plans to enter their Zeod RC into the 24 Hours

Jul 06, 2013 Drayson B12 69 EV Song: WEKEED Essential WEKEED's email address: [email protected] com Jun 25, 2013  The Drayson Racing Technologies Lola B1269 EV electric race car hit a top speed of 204. 2 mph at a racetrack at RAF Elvington in Yorkshire, England, smashing the previous record ofdrayson racing b12 69/ev The Drayson B12 69EV was not originally conceived as a land speed car. Having raced the Lola chassis in sports car championships around the world powered by a second generation biofueled Judd V10 engine, Drayson Racing Technologies took the decision to explore the potential of the electric drivetrain and use the familiar Lola chassis as a starting point.

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