Matching spray gun with compressor

2019-09-17 10:26

Remember, it doesn't have to match your specs exactly, but it should be close. Purchase the compressor and try the gun out on a small project to see if the spray looks satisfactory. If the compressor cannot handle the gun, now is the time to return for a larger model (since your compressor should still be under warranty).Dec 11, 2017 Are you wondering how big your compressor needs to be to run a spray gun? In this video we discuss compressors, CFM, PSI, spray guns, and some tips for getting away with using a smaller compressor. matching spray gun with compressor

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How Many Gallon Air Compressor Do I need to Paint a Car? Paint guns like our Concours Paint Gun line can require as little as 57 CFM while a highend professional gun can require 23 times that to spray paint correctly. If you already are set on a paint gun you can try and match your compressor to the gun or viceversa. The gallons of the The spray gun should have a minmax PSI rating on it (or in the manual), if your compressor can go that high you're good to go. Although if it's a small compressor it's going to be running quite a bit to keep up with the expended air from a paint gun and you maymatching spray gun with compressor Oct 15, 2018  Consider the spray guns in range of 3 CFM at 22 PSI; you can find one with under 100 which suffices your air compressor for spray painting cars. Big projects, like painting a whole house, on the other hands, demand larger CFM and other specs. In this case, look for a

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As a matter of fact, if you already have an HVLP spray gun, then an air compressor which is compatible with it would work fine. However, if you need to buy things from scratch, it is always advisable to buy a complete HVLP system. The cost range of best HVLP systems ranges between 300 and 1500. As you go up, you can fetch a range of advanced matching spray gun with compressor