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2019-09-22 03:41

Browse the various product ranges from Naim Audio, including Allinone Systems, Players, Separates& more. Find your Naim Audio product range here. Naim Audio Products Range Naim New ProductsSep 12, 2017 It seems we were wrong, and Naim has taken the bull by the wireless antennae and delivered a range with 21 st century features and styling. The Uniti Atom is the smallest of the new Uniti range, in effect it replaces the UnitiQute 2 but at a higher price point with more power and a lot more features. It is a network streamer, DAC, internet naim uniti matching speakers

Apr 13, 2018 All the music I listen to is streamed (either Spotify or Airplayed) so it's rather convenient that Naim has just released new Uniti models. The Uniti Atom seems to do everything I'd need and has an amp built in so thinking just go for that (it'll also facilitate multiroom with my Muso). Where I'm stuck is speakers to match with it.

Oct 06, 2016  The Naim Uniti simplifies hifi audio by acting as an allinone wireless hub. New since it requires the extra investment and knowledge to procure a matching pair of speakers, but its Naim Audio Uniti Atom Compact AllInOne Integrated Amplifier and Music Player See more like this Naim Uniti Star 70W Integrated AmpStreamer W NAIM NACA5 speaker cablesRemote PreOwnednaim uniti matching speakers Apr 24, 2019  When I was out hunting for new speakers for my Atom, I tried the Sonetto 3 and 5 floorstanders but they didnt sound good to me. I think the Atom lacks the power to drive them properly. I also listened to the Sonetto 5 with the Nova, OMG what a difference! Perfect match.

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Sep 29, 2017 As is the case for the Naim muso, the Naim Uniti? s Naim logo is backlit. Classic amplification. Naim has equipped the Naim Uniti Nova with a ClassAB amplifier, a proven technology renowned for its warm and melodious sound. With 280 Watts, the Nova is a great match for the most demanding speakers. naim uniti matching speakers Feb 09, 2019 I just upgraded from a Naim Uniti Nova to a new Supernait 2 integrated amplifier and NDX 2 network player. I use Harbeth Super HL5 plus 40th Anniversary edition speakers with this new setup. To my ear this is an extraordinary combination that matches really well. The timing, vocals and sheer rhythm of it is quite beautiful together. Audio Affair Blog HiFi Naim Uniti and a myryad of other speaker options and weve found the Uniti systems are incredibly unfussy about speaker matching and sound superb with a wide range of bookshelf and floorstanding speaker models, each with enough grip to deliver a hugely impressive sound from everything weve matched them with Jun 07, 2019  Is this a streaming amplifier or a powered streamer, youll name it. Fact is that this Naim offers so much more than the modest size makes you expect. And it does it with elegance. Link to Mar 07, 2017 Both Linn and Epos are a good match with Naim electronics. One of the best systems I've ever heard was the Linn Isobariks (the big ones, not the Sara's) with active Naim amps. I think Naim used Epos when voicing their earlier amps, or maybe Epos used Naim. can't remember. I owned Epos ES14's and they were an excellent speaker.