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AP Racing; Brake rotors; girling Master cylinders; Ferodo Brake pads; Performance Friction Calipers and parts; Brembo Brakes; Wilwood Brakes; Clutch related. Clutch Release Parts; Quartermaster; Tilton; Gearbox related parts. cv choose product required; Hewland Gears; Hewland Ld200 parts; Mk9 parts and gears; HewlandWebster& Hewland MK4, 6, 8, 9 Gearbox Parts. Pegasus stocks gearsets, parts, and accessories for the Webster Hewland Mk4, 6, 8, & 9 gearboxes. Gear Sets& Dog Rings for Webster& Hewland Gearboxes. Maintenance Parts for Webster Hewland Gearboxes. hewland racing transmission parts

HEWLAND MK 89, LD 200 AND WEBSTER GEARBOXES. It has been proven that an Open Differential is faster on oval tracks than a spool, cam and pawl, or salisbury differential, as the open diff frees up the car to run fast on the straight, without binding in the corners.

HEWLAND ENGINEERING have been designing and manufacturing gearboxes and transaxles for racing cars worldwide, since the 1960's. I am a HEWLAND specialist in the English Midlands. My service is backed by experience of HEWLAND products going back to 1973. I offer a personal service for HEWLAND competition gearboxes. By 'personal I mean that I Add 2. 355 to the Clearance to find the distance from the axle centerline to the head of the pinion gear. This is the 8: 31 ring and pinion set for Hewland and Webster Mk8 and Mk9 Model 400 gearboxes.hewland racing transmission parts At Racing Transmissions we have over 11 years technical experience in the gearbox and engineering trade. This knowledge and expertise has been gained both in the workshop and at National and International race meetings working with leading teams. Rebuilding and developing the current and historic Hewland range represents the major part of our

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Now, with over 60 years of designing transmissions for the top motorsport categories in the world, Hewland is an obvious choice for race car transmissions. Carl Haas Automobile Imports, Inc. sells a variety of Hewland Engineering Limited gearboxes, parts and service. hewland racing transmission parts SGS Racing Transmissions service Hewland, Sadev, Xtrac and Maktrak transmissions. As well as offering a full rebuild service, we can supply spares for all of the aforementioned gearboxes. We have extensive knowledge of motorsport gearboxes and undertake work on all the major motorsport brands. Mar 26, 2015 The lost art of the oldschool racing gearbox Sam Smith discovers the joys of the Hewland transaxle, workhorse of everything from CanAm to Formula 1 to the author's Formula Ford. Hewland Classic can supply spares worldwide but overseas shipping and time differences can sometimes delay getting what you want when you want it. We have therefore handpicked and approved the following distributors who have detailed product knowledge and When Mike Hewland began his pioneering work in racing gearboxes in 1959, he set a course for Hewland Engineering where nothing it would do would be ordinary. Today, we continue to deliver extraordinary transmission products to our racing, specialist and OEM customers.