Steel roof bracing design

2019-09-19 21:11

MODERN STEEL CONSTRUCTION july 2010 Horizontal Bracing steelwise An overview of lateral load resisting systems and how to implement them. IN MOST COMMERCIaL BUILDINgS, floor and roof diaphragms are used to distribute loads in the horizontal plane of the structure to the lateral load resisting system. Due to the open natureBraced frames are a very common form of construction, being economic to construct and simple to analyse. Economy comes from the inexpensive, nominally pinned connections between beams and columns. Bracing, which provides stability and resists lateral loads, may be from diagonal steel members or, from a concrete 'core steel roof bracing design

with these newly introduced design requirements When roof deck diaphragms are used to transmit lateral loads from seismic events to vertical bracing elements, more robust diaphragm designs may be be required. By colin a. rogers and roBert tremBlay Roof Diaphragms and LowRise Seismic Design NASCC: The Steel CONFeReNCe Colin A. Rogers is an

36 Build 134 FebruaryMarch 2013 Roof bracing WE COMPLETE THIS FOURPART BUILD SERIES ON CALCULATING BRACING REQUIREMENTS BY LOOKING AT ROOF BRACING. TOM EDHOUSE, BRANZ TECHNICAL ADVISOR DESIGN RIGHT USING THE SAME HOUSE as in the previous articles on subfloor bracing (Build 132, pages 3841) and wall bracing (Build 133, pages 3236), we use NZS 3604: 2011 steel roof bracing design

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