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if true or number that is at least 1, cycles through nearby hostile players in reverse order. Notes. Works exactly like the 'Target Nearest Enemy Player' keybind, but as a macro command that allows conditional execution. Specifically, it cycles through visible enemy playersSep 15, 2013  targetenemy (tenemy) Targets the closest enemy within a certain radius. battletarget (bt) Targets the closest enemy within a certain radius that is attacking you. assist (as) name or placeholder like Targets the target of another Player or NPC by name or via placeholder. (A target must be specified. ) raid target enemy players

Call Target is a keybind ability (default: Ctrl T) that allows you to mark a target, enemy or player, which creates a large red bull'seye that hovers over the head of the enemy. If an enemy that is targeted uses an invisibility skill, such as Shadow Refuge the target will be removed and have to be replaced.

Delirious The target becomes delirious, disorienting them for 5 sec. Unstable Mixture A mix of poisons catalyzes in the player, causing them to explode, inflicting 7. 787 Nature damage to all allies every 1 sec for 3 sec. Crushing Reverberation ( Alert) Crushes the target, inflicting 952, 217 Physical damage, split between the target and Feb 14, 2011  Raid markers. Raid marks are the little colourful icons that can be set on creatures like mobs or friendly players: You cant set them on enemy players. Solo or in a party, anyone can set a mark on anything at any time. In a raid, only members with promotes or leader privileges can set marks. Only players in your partyraid can see target enemy players These macros put the neat targeting raid icons above mobs or players heads. Typically the skull is meant to be the target that you kill first. Use the following numbers to create multiple macros. Replace the number 1 below with the corresponding raid target icon you want.

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Jan 18, 2011 It's not an addon, but you can get a little bit of help from keybindings. There are bindings for each of your party members, for cycling through enemy and friendly targets, and for targeting what your target is targeting that is, target the tank, and that button will select his target. raid target enemy players Jul 19, 2011 Raid Mark Skull on Enemy Players in BGsArenas posted in InterfaceAddons: Would anyone be interested in an addon that could put a skull on enemy players in BGsArenas based on a party members current target? Or does one exist? Dec 18, 2017 This is easily the most common question I get asked So here is a video. Tuki (ElvUI) Shadow and Light https