Xhit ab workout

2020-04-02 14:45

Day 2: 1520 min cardio warmup (HIIT) Legs. Day 3: Rest. Day 4: 30 min cardio (run, bike or elliptical) ABS. Day 5: 1520 min cardio warmup (HIIT) Arms. Day 6: 1520 min cardio warmup (HIIT) Legs. Day 7: Rest. Quick note, on ABS day I started doing just 1 video per workout and after a few weeks I realized I could do 23 comfortably.Jul 11, 2017  XHIT: Legs workout XHIT host Rebecca shows you the essential exercises that tone and sculpt your legs. Whether youre a hardcore athlete or a weekend warrior of fitness, say goodbye to those flabby thighs. xhit ab workout

May 01, 2013 10 Minute Abs Workout Fitness Blender Abs and Obliques Routine Duration: 10: 31. FitnessBlender 14, 659, 727 views

If you are looking for the perfect Abs Exercises, check the following Abs Workout selected by XHIT: 1 Washboard Abs 30 seconds Washboard Abs. 2 Heel Touches 30. 3 Single Knee Raise Crunch 30. 4 Reach Throughs 30. 5 Wide toe Touches 30. 6 Starfish Crunch 30. 7 Windmills How I Got Results In Two Weeks Doing This Ab Workout. Before I get into the results, I wanted to share the actual workout I use. Keeping in the spirit of my last workout, I stuck with XHIT and their 10 Minute Ab Workout: How To Get A Six Pack. Let me warn you this is the HARDEST ab workout Ixhit ab workout

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